Saturday, January 17, 2015

Visit to our new school at Zamtan!

Up until this time, we have most of our time with the health workers.  However, a big part of HealthEd Connects work is with community schools and supporting orphans and vulnerable children. 
Zamtan is our newest school and the students currently meet in this temporary structure and in the church nearby. 

Here is the new school building. Much more sturdy and water proof!
Seeing the two schools next to each other emphasizes the upgrade that the new school building brings. 
There have been some delays due to a cement shortage among other things. Here the men are working hard to prepare the floor. You can feel the sense of pride and excitement that comes with this new school building. 
Every student gets fed a lunch while at school. Here the kids line up for their food. 
Many of our students come from families where there is not much food to eat. The meal that our volunteer cooks prepare ensures that they have at least some nutrition when they come to school. 
I loved seeing them gathered together eating. 
Here's the whole group eating on the porch of the new school. 
Rotary recently contributed a burrhole which makes getting water for the porridge much easier. This woman has her daughter on her back while she pumps water for the kids. 

The students in their classroom. They performed a few songs for us while we were there. 

I'll end with this girl who had a great smile and the most adorable hairdo. These students are why we support the building of these schools. 

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  1. These pictures bring tears of joy knowing how and why the school started and where it is now. Lunch every day, classrooms, teachers and lots of love for children in Zamtan. It has been quite a "Love Project."