Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Post Ever

I realize that I’m a few years late to the whole blogging thing.  I really should be starting my own twitter account, or actually posting on Facebook, but I like to wait on new technology (can’t wait for the i-phone 9 to come out).     
This blog will begin as a motivator to get me running again.  My hope is that it will also provide me a venue to reflect on numerous topics and ideas along the way.  Though I’ve run three marathons, I don’t consider myself a runner.   Runners run consistently . . . running is part of their being and excuses don’t creep in to prevent them from running.    I train for races.  I spend 12-16 weeks running 4-5 times a week and when the race is done, I don’t run for 6 months.    The sad part is that I feel so good when I run.  It’s almost like a spiritual practice for me to get outside and run a few miles.  I always feel grounded and more connected to the world around me.  
So, I’ve signed up for a race.   It’s the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon held on August 10, 2013.   I started training last week and besides being a little sore, things are going well.  
I’ve set three goals for this race and by putting them out there they will happen.  
1. I want to raise awareness and $1000.00 for the organization HealthEd Connect
2. I want to finish in 1:40 which would be a personal best 
3. I want to run more miles this year than my brother Ryan
So there will be plenty more posts describing those goals in further detail in the coming days including how to donate to HealthEd Connect if you’re interested. I’m just excited that I can add links to my the words that I post.  

More to come.