Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Training Day Two

The important part of the training occurred this second day. Much information was shared with each other and you could tell that these women were thirsty for knowledge. 
In the morning everyone started with tea and bread. The women all ate in the cookshack which normally is used to feed the students. 

We peaked into a few of the classrooms to see what the students were doing. Unfortunately we Americans stuck out like a sore thumb and were a bit of a distraction as soon as they noticed us. 
This little boy had to wait around while his older brothers and sisters enrolled in school. He's too young to go now but will hopefully be in school in a year or two. 
The fifth grade greeted us with waves and smiles.  
There was much singing and dancing as we opened our second day. I will post some of the videos when I return to the states. 
Here Idah is sharing some of her experiences with the group.  I met Idah in 2000 when I went to Malawi. Her son Prince and I became good friends. I learned on this trip that he named his first born son after me. He may be the only Jeffo in the country. 
At lunch time we met the girls who are just starting 7th grade. They are all part of the GAP (girls achievement program) which encourages girls to stay in school. Unfortunately, girls receive many pressures to stop going to school and we know that educated and supported girls and women improve the whole community much more than the boys and men. 
Our friends from the Congo made it to the second day. Travel in and out of the Congo can be very difficult. These women and their colleagues back home delivered close to 1400 babies last year. 
The women practiced through role plays. This group was showing how they could educate their communities about Ebola. 
We've walked several days to and from the center. This was the first day it didn't rain. 

More to share tomorrow. 

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