Monday, January 12, 2015

Spread the Word Not the Disease: Ebola Facts and Fiction

We just finished a great day of training. There was much laughter and singing and sharing of information.  We divided in our various location groups for ease of translating and to have participants share in small group discussions. Here is the Malawi delegation at their table.

We spent time discussing what each of their communities were saying about Ebola.  
It was fascinating to hear the various reactions in the different communities.  There was a lot of fear expressed by many in their communities especially during the past few months when there was a neighboring out break in the Congo.  I learned that there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about the disease ( not very different from the hysteria in the US in October) and how important accurate information can be. We then had the health workers act out their village's perception of Ebola.
This woman has passed out and everyone is worried she has Ebola. The plays were hilarious and have a good sense of the rumors that were around. The plays also cut across language barriers.  I will write a separate blog containing more insight into Ebola but I think this is a very important topic for these health workers. 

As you can imagine feeding 30 people is no small task. Fortunately our community center is equipped for the task and some of the volunteers cooked for us. Here us the cook shack.
Inside the cook shack the yummy food was being cooked. 
We had fish for lunch. 
A lot of charcoal was needed to support the group for the week. 
And here was the finished project. 
I had the uneviable task of teaching after lunch. I taught them the funky chicken to shake off the post lunch sleepies. Fortunately, there are no pictures to share!

Overall it was a really good and productive day. I look forward to another full day tomorrow. 

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